DIY Removal and Installation of Passenger’s Motor Mount

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Original DIY write-up by ans2k

I recently split my passenger motor mount. I notice that there isn’t a “DIY” in the sticky. So I put together my own. Do this when the car is cool, because the header is extremely hot!!

If your motor mount looks like this and you have some crazy vibrations in the car, do this! Should take about an hour or so.

Things you will need:
Two jack stands (I used three, one as a safety thing)
A good jack
17mm socket (and a 14mm if you have an X-brace)
A torque wrench

1. Jack up both sides and place two jack, one on both sides, under the jacking points. Don’t raise the car too high.

2. Remove anything under the oil pan because you will be placing a jack underneath to jack up the engine LATER.

3. Remove the top bolt on top of the motor mount. You might have to hold the top split motor mount in place and spin the bolt.

4. Place the jack underneath the oil pan, don’t jack it up yet.

5. Grab a piece of wood. I just used a card board box and folded it up three times.

6. Place the wood/folded card board between the engine and the jack. Slowly jack it up. Once the jack is touching the oil pan firmly, raise it another 2 inches or so.

7. Remove the top split half of the motor mount.

8. Remove the bolt(s) to the second half on the bottom of the car. If you have and X-brace like me, then half the work is done.

9. Remove the motor mount.

10. Install the new motor mount.

11. Lower the jack slowly. There is a little nub of the black bracket that is attached to the mount. There is also a place where that nub is supposed to fit into the metal bracket connected to the engine. Make sure it goes there. Don’t stick your fingers in there and lower it. Just make sure you line up right and the lower it slowly.

12. Install all the bolts, everything should be torque down to 40 ft-lbs. The top one is hard to get a torque wrench down there so, just make it tight.

13. Re-install the X-brace. Done!

Disclaimer: I am not a mechanic. I don’t know what I am doing and no one should listen to me. If you do decide to give it a go, I am not responsible for your faulty actions. But if you do need advice or help, I will do my best to provide assistance. Its not hard at all. I give it about 3.5 out of 10.

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