DIY Firefox S2000 Personas – Should we have an official S2KI persona?

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Not the usual DIY that we are used to, but I thought it’d be nice to get the word out to the community. Most Internet browsers tend to push out upgrades every now and then. I just upgraded my Firefox to the latest version and was prompted by the “Whats New” window that typically features ho-hum update information none of us pay much heed to, until I noticed something about Personas. A browser skin that allows you to customize the appearance of Firefox on your computer. Seeing that Ferrari had several personas, I searched for S2KI and was greeted by a message that said “There are no personas available here. Please use the navigation on the left to choose another category“.

Not one to give up, I then searched using the words “Honda S2000” and was prepared to find no results. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my search had yielded 14 results. What’s more, you can even create your own customized S2000 persona and share it with the rest of the Firefox community and your friends.

To view and add a Persona:
1. Go to
2. In the Search bar, enter the magic words “Honda S2000
3. Click the WEAR IT button on the Persona of your choice
4. Voila! you’ve installed your own persona

To Create your own persona, Click the CREATE YOUR OWN link and follow the instructions on the screen.

How about an S2KI persona? 🙂

Is this something you’d like to do? What other S2000-related stuff adorns your computer? Maybe we ought to get cthree and the powers that be to set up our Forum header image as the official S2KI Persona, What do you think? Wouldn’t an S2KI themed browser keep you in the VTEC zone all the time 😉

– A2

Images courtesy of S2KI & A2

NOTE: S2KI welcomes the opinions of its members on the S2000 and on all topics related to the S2000. Should you feel the creative urge to pen a few words then by all means do so and PM Energetic, Aashish2 or Onehots2k OR send us links to what you would like us to write about and we will feature you (or your community) on the S2KI Home Page.

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