Import Alliance Event Photo Galore!

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For 5 years now the Import Alliance summer meet has been held annually in Nashville, TN, USA. The event is completely dedicated to all import vehicles and has recently surpassed the Eibach meet to become the largest import gathering in the US. Throughout the entire weekend, many drivers have the opportunity every year to meet together, make friends and share their common excitement.

Several vendors and great tuners are also a part of this event, and they have even included extra things to do and watch such as a dyno to see who can produce the largest numbers or just see what you car can do. They’ve had Redline Time attack, drifting and the chance to even go out on track by yourself!

Who likes freshly squeezed lemonade? Anyone? How about an Angus track burger? Yes? They have all these things, just waiting for you to come and enjoy. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the cars… this place gets completely loaded down with them!

We now have the opportunity to see an enormous amount of photos posted in The S2000 Gallery which includes pure JDM excitement and a lot of S2000 rides! HUGE thanks goes out to Don Napier and his NextgearInc crew for making this event happen year after year! Check the link below and enjoy viewing all those great photos by our fellow S2KI members!

Special thanks goes to ntenseone for the final editing and information.

S2000 Forums-> Import Alliance Massive Photo Thread/Story

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