Saving your S2000: Are you a low mile junkie?

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Original write-up by Akuma

I’ve had my S2000 for about a month now, and what an amazing month it has been. After about three years of falling out of love with all things automotive, for a variety of reasons, the S2000 has rekindled my passion about driving a car. I’m not talking about an A to B car here, but a car that makes you feel something when you look at it, when you sit in it, and when you drive it.

I bumped into a fellow S2KI-er on the way home today, who recognized me from my new plates (same as my alias here). He wasn’t in his S2000 though, he was driving his “daily” home, and the S2000 was resting at home, and (I assume) waiting for the weekend to arrive, before departing it’s holding cell commonly known as the garage.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not knocking it. If you want to keep your S2000 at home and only drive it on the weekend, that’s fine. It’s your car, your prerogative. And yet, I don’t understand it, so I want you to explain it to me.

You wake up in the morning, getting ready to go to work, school, or where ever your destination might be be for that day. You walk into the garage, and choose a beater over your S2000. You drive back and forth all week, doing this, passively punishing yourself, and “save” the S2000 for the weekend.

I can think of a lot of reasons for this. Some of them are common sense. Maybe where you work or go to school isn’t all that safe, and people will abuse or vandalize cars, and you couldn’t live with that risk. That’s fair. Maybe the S2000 is a great, fun sports car, but it’s way too uncomfortable for you as a daily, and you’d prefer something more sedate for the day to day grind. Again, that’s fine too. It’s all about attitude and perspective I guess.

But I am curious though. Is there any other reason? Are you one of those drivers that can’t bear to “put miles” on the car, where every time you drive it, there’s a tiny part of you thinking about the fact that this trip means more miles, and even though this is fun, you have to get home soon and put the car back in the garage. If that’s your answer, then I really don’t understand. So explain it to me. Honestly, is the thousand or two extra you get down the other end of the ownership journey worth it?

The irony in all this is, my S2000 was a saved one. I bought a 2001 model, in near mint condition, with only 44,000 miles on it. All the receipts from day one, down to every oil change. The guy loved it so much, he threw the Honda accessory book at the car, buying almost every option available. And yes, I am extremely thankful to have found my diamond in the rough. And yet, you would not, I repeat, NOT, catch me saving my car for you. Ever. If I buy a car which I have a connection with, expect it to have the at least the standard average number of miles (if not higher) put on it. Hate to sound selfish here, but cars like this have to be driven.

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