The Honda S2000 still looks new in another top ten list

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The Honda S2000 has once again made it onto a top ten list. We’re not surprised, the S has been a winner since its debut 10 years ago, it accolades including several appearances on 10 Best lists and also being voted one of the cars you must drive before you die, from Car and Driver. This time the list is Jalopnik’s, and the honor goes to the S2000’s inclusion in the list of ten older cars that still look fresh today. I still remember when the Honda S2000 came to be and how great it looked. Like a select few cars throughout history, the classic design doesn’t look outdated even though ten years have passed. Honda knew they were designing something special; a 50th anniversary sports car to celebrate Honda’s heritage had to be unique in every aspect so everyone will remember for a long time the power of dreams. Honda pulled it off, and the S2000 looks a fresh and fun today as it did 10 years ago.

Don’t you agree?

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