Driven again – Onehots2k reports on an amazing S2KI story

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There is nothing more dangerous than a man that has made up his mind to do something. We pay money at the movies to see such stories of determination and sheer will. We watch them on the news and read about them in books. I tell you with no exaggeration that such a story exists here within the forum walls of s2ki.

Look no further than #248. That number belongs to “Aquatic.” He is one our first patrons of the UMW community. Aquatic was involved in an unfortunate snowmobile accident that left his feet paralyzed. Such an event would force almost any owner to sell their S2000. He ended up selling his home and pick-up truck but not his S2000.

Our meters vary on how much our cars mean to each of us. It can be a lot more than just glass, metal, and rubber. It was more than that to Keith. He didn’t give up on the car he had  owned for about 8 years before the accident. Keith bought a pneumatic system premade from a Corvette owner/racer. It is essentially an air system that would allow him to operate the S2000’s clutch with his hands.

Here is where the community pitched in, after all a pneumatic system needs installation. Well over a dozen hours of work were contibuted towards the effort before the car was ready for action. It could not have been done without the help of Greg (pushin9), Charlie (Chaz), Andy (Scrapdog), and Shane (Lemonjuice). Many showed up to lend a helping hand because they knew without a doubt that Aquatic would have done the same. He is the type to offer his place to stay after meets if it got too late and you didn’t want to drive home. If this isn’t the definition of community, then I’d be hard pressed to say, what is.

Aquatic is an inspiration with his continued zest for life and the way he is handling the cards dealt by life. Needless to say the UMW community and all the folks that enabled this story are also an inspiration to our varied communities. May this be an example to all of us for individual and community alike. Honda built a great car, but it is the people with their never-say-die determination and their desire to support one another that will make the S2000 a legend.

The moral of this true story for us all: Don’t give up, period. We can do practically anything to these cars. If you can’t do it, you’ll definitely find someone crazy enough to help. Here is a BIG thanks to Aquatic and his friends for showing what we s2000 folk are made of.


Tip of the hat to Jeggy for the tip. 🙂

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