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Original write-up by kidtwist

I’m 19 years old now, and got my S2000 just before my 18th birthday. Being a teenager and belonging to a much-maligned group, I wanted to share my experiences as to how I came of age with this car.

I always wanted to buy something quick. I rode along in my brother’s second generation Rx7 when I was a kid, and never forgot the feeling of how great speed felt. Besides, my best friend owned an Rx8 and hearing him go on and on with his tall stories of killing cars he probably never beat, just made me want to jump on the band wagon even more. I wanted to be fast and furious for lack of a better phrase.

I was looking at Supras, RX-7s, STIs, EVOs and every car that I saw in the movie, Fast and Furious, regardless of the fact that I’d never driven a manual transmission before. Mind you, I couldn’t spot a turbo in an engine bay if it was painted neon yellow. I could barely change my own oil, and I was stepping in territory I knew nothing about. All I knew is that I liked the feeling of spirited driving and the immense stress relief it provided.

So one day, my dad and I went shopping and see a 2004 Sebring S2000 with red interior for $15,000. My father insisted I get this car and was ready to make the down payment. He wanted me to get a manual transmission so I would not talk on the cell and drive at the same time. And with 2 seats, I would not have friends in the back seat distracting me since I have certain medical conditions as it is.

I was trying to keep away from Honda since I did not want to fit the stereotype of a Puerto Rican guy with a loud exhaust, driving a Honda in Florida . I watched some YouTube videos of the car and instantly fell in love with it. I knew nothing about the cars specs and capabilities but I couldn’t pass up on the deal. Two days later, I was a proud owner.

I ended up pushing the car soon as I bought it. In the first 15 minutes I learned how to drive stick and on the very first day raced an RX8, WRX and a Civic in the same day (felt like Paul Walker for 5 minutes). I felt invincible until the moment I disintegrated (not burnt!) the clutch. While the car was back in the shop, I took this time to educate myself by watching YouTube videos, DIYs and reading countless write ups on S2KI. On this forum I learned how to respect my car and see how lucky I was to own one.

I took advanced driving lessons as soon as I got the car back, and now drive it like its the most precious thing in my life. The first year I had it I almost got involved in two accidents and came out without a scratch on the car that I’m sure would have ended badly if I had an automatic or a car that wasn’t as responsive as my beloved S2000.

This car has not only made me a better driver, but a better person in general. I feel like I’m years ahead of my generation in terms of maturity and I want to thank everyone on S2KI for the awesome write ups and advice.

Its been fun driving stock for a little over an year. I now think I’m mentally and physically ready to take my car to the next level.

Thank you, S2KI for keeping the young and stupid safe on the road.

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