Fall Crawl 09 – an event to remember and relive again

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Our member PAS2KNut sent us a message with a write up and pictures from last years Fall Crawl. Fall Crawl 2009 was the inaugural event and the New England S2000 owners forum is putting on this show, yet again. Registration is open for Fall Crawl 2010 should you wish to sign-up. From what I’ve heard from my fellow Upstaters, this is a great event and a lot of fun. Kudos to our neighbors, New England, for organizing and continuing to organize this awesome meet. Anyways that  shameless plug aside, over to PAS2KNut’s pictorial write-up of last years meet, past the jump.

The inaugural year for Fall Crawl was October 2009.  The event was held in historic Sturbridge, Massachusetts over the weekend of October 16th – October 18th  with 20 S2000 owners in attendance.

Fall Crawl was designed to give people unfamiliar with New England an opportunity to experience the area. The highlight of the event was a three hour drive through central Massachusetts, where drivers had the opportunity to experience some of the finer curves of Massachusetts, while also enjoying the scenic foliage.

The drive was followed by a tour of Pioneer Brewery, a local establishment that gave participants the opportunity to  taste the local brew.  The history buffs among us had an opportunity to visit historic Old Sturbridge Village (OSV) a “must-see” destination to experience early New England life from 1790-1840. One of the country’s largest living history museums, OSV has a large staff of historians in costume, 59 historic buildings on 200 acres, three authentic water-powered mills and two covered bridges. The evening culminated with a dinner banquet where owners had the opportunity to share their experiences of the day over a great dinner following which the entertainment moved to the bar.

This year Fall Crawl will be held during the first weekend in October from the First to the Third. The location is again  historic Sturbridge.  The Host Hotel will be the Sturbridge Host Hotel on Main St in Sturbridge.  This year’s event includes a new drive route where drivers will have an opportunity to explore parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts.  As one drive tester quoted after experiencing the new drive route, “That new section is awesome!  All those twisties and no houses to be found”.  We are excited to host Fall Crawl for the second year, and look forward to meeting some new S2000 owners and renewing friendships with those that attended last year’s event.  For more information on Fall Crawl 2010, click here. I hope that you will come.


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