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For some it’s a scary thought to have their car taken for a joyride without their knowledge. My most memorable auto abduction would have to be about 3 years ago. I drove to Southern Florida to visit my family as well as my younger brother who was 18 and a high school senior. I had taught him how to drive stick a few years before and he liked to sharpen his skills on my S2000. I was in the car 100% of the time and was surprised at how well he drove it.

In any event, whenever I visited I liked to sleep in so one morning my brother took the liberty of driving to school in my car. I awakened to find my car gone but I got over it quickly because he had a very nicely set up Ridgeline. I had driven it before so I was looking forward to the lazy boy seats and being high up for the day. He and the S returned safely that afternoon, and life went on.

Two years later, a bunch of his friends had come over for the holiday to my family’s house. It turns out about half a dozen of his friends had a go in my car. After school that fateful day, these JDM boys wanted the S2000 experience in a grocery store parking lot. What a %$*%*$*! I tried to match him stranger for stranger in regards to who drove his truck without him knowing. He still beat me. Oh well, the car still runs fine. Has anybody ever taken your S2000 without your permission or you knowing?


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