Video of the week: Raising Green Hell in an S2000

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The corkscrew, Toe of the boot, and the Tail of the Dragon are what we’d bring up in conversation when discussing driving experiences here in the US of A. Our cousins across the pond though, have access to something we’d give our right arm, leg and eye for – the Nordschleife (northern loop) at the Nurburgring or the Green Hell as it is also called. Our member Joesnow of the UK S2000 Community, got to drive the Nordschliefe recently and has shared this video of his fastest lap. He went around the ring in around 10 minutes. Per Wikipedia, the lap record for the production S2000 is 8:39 in the hands of a professional. By that standard I think it is fair to conclude that Joesnow’s achievement is worth applauding. So without further ado, click below to watch Joesnow cavort around the Karussell.

Before you watch the video though, crank up the volume and pay close attention to Joesnow’s smooth steering wheel inputs, down-shifting and braking before the corner and gradually stepping on the gas upon going past the apex.


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