You drive an S2000, how old are you?

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This seems to be the question, and a good one at that being asked by our member King. He has started a poll on the S2000 talk forum designed to track age demographic data  for all people that currently own and drive an S2000. In his own words it is “Just a poll to see how our owners stack up in 2010?

I think this is a great idea and has potential for providing insight into how the ownership pattern has changed, if at all over the last decade. I welcome you to go forth and answer this poll, so we can get a good picture of ownership age profiles.

Like the Honda S2000 registry started by our member ralper, this too is an idea on par with that and fully deserving of our support. So please click through and support this initiative. Also if you would spread the word among your friends and in your local forum.  Such data will go a long way in establishing the S2000 as an automobile legend.


Poll results as of 11:15 PM EST on September 6, 2010

How old are you?
18 or Below [ 2 ] [1.53%]
19-24 [ 35 ] [26.72%]
25-29 [ 31 ] [23.66%]
30-34 [ 12 ] [9.16%]
35-39 [ 9 ] [6.87%]
40-44 [ 7 ] [5.34%]
45-49 [ 4 ] [3.05%]
50-55+ [ 31 ] [23.66%]
Total Votes: 131

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