MAD828’s awesome visit to Japan

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Visiting Japan is a pilgrimage of sorts for several of us. It is the home of Honda and where our cars were built. Check out the recent trip that MAD828, our member from down under (as in Sydney, Australia) took to Japan and all the fun he had there. Caution: Pictures in the thread may cause you to drool uncontrollably and embarrass yourself 🙂

MAD828 went on a two week trip to Japan and while there visited several tuning shops and got a chance to speak in person with company representatives and their tuning philosophy. He also got to sit in some very cool looking cars including the J’s racing Touge Machine and the ASM Time Attack car. He got to see several cool cars including the JDM Civic Type-R, and the Spoon supercharged CR-Z.

In addition to all the auto-related sightseeing, he also appears to have been on quite the shopping spree. As you will see in his thread he made out like a bandit and may have had to pay for extra baggage on his trip home, I’m sure. Enough said, click through and enjoy the pictures in the thread. While a trip to Japan may not be in the near future for us, we can however live it vicariously courtesy of MAD828.

Images courtesy of MAD828

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