Twohoos on his car turning 11

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 I’d like to draw your attention to our member twoohoos, that has posted the following tribute to his car that turned 11 years old.


Last year I missed posting on my 10th anniversary of buying my car. It only seems appropriate that I do a little online celebrating on its 11th anniversary.

In December ’98 I’d read Road & Track’s cover story on the S2000 (“Honda’s Surprise!” by the late, great Paul Frere) and decided immediately that I was going to buy one. In January I moved to L.A. to start a new job; literally the first thing I did after my flight landed and I checked into my hotel was look up a few local Honda dealers and drive around to get on their wait lists. Most hadn’t even heard of the car (“S2000? You sure that’s a Honda?”)

By the time August/September rolled around, it was clear the car was going to be hot. One dealer called me in early September and told me they’d take me off the list unless I agreed to a $15,000 mark-up.

The big day came — a week earlier than I’d expected. On Sept. 17, a Friday afternoon, the dealer I’d chosen called me at work: “Your car’s here!” I went straight there and found a gleaming NFR with lip, spoiler and side strakes on the showroom floor. “Hmm, you got one without all that stuff?” I asked. They did.

I was the second person to pick up an S2000 from that dealer that day. The first guy, I later learned, had paid the full $10,000 mark-up they’d asked for. I’d paid half that, and I know they were willing to let me walk if I went any lower.

For the next year or so, it was common for dealers to allow only their most senior techs/mechanics to drive S2000s when they came in for service, and owners were well-catered to (as they should be, after paying well over MSRP!).

My car has just under 50,000 miles now, about 10% of those on-track. After 1.5 transmissions, two diffs, three exhausts, four suspensions, and more tires than I can count (not to mention two moves and two kids!) I still tell my wife “You can sell my car when you pry the keys from my cold, dead fingers.”  twohoos

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