Video of the Week: Driving on the historical old course of Watkins Glen

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Throughout the history of auto racing there are many courses that have marked their place in history as something special. Some of those courses are the Monaco Grand Prix which runs through the glamorous city of Monaco and also the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix which courses through Albert Park in Melbourne. On par with such great tracks, one of the most significant in the history of America’s auto racing is the historical old road course at Watkins Glen. It was back in 1948, when the first Grand Prix became a reality and was organized by Cameron Argetsinger, whose family had a summer home in that area.

As the years passed the racing moved away from public streets and on to a purpose built track, and the only opportunity to drive the streets of the old course like the race cars of yesterday did, is during the parade laps at the festival of Watkins Glen. Luckily for us, we have a video run of that old course that was recently recorded by our member Crazy_Schizo. This should transport you back to a period when race cars lacked seat belts and helmets were made of leather. Enjoy the video!

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