YEAR 10: AusS2000 – S2Ki’s first official member on the last 10 years

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Wow, 10 years! A decade ago when I signed up for my account on ‘’ (as it was known then) I had a feeling I was on to something special. I had what I considered to be a very special car. I’d heard about it through the internet and really wanted to share my experiences with it through this fairly new medium. I signed up for S2000online late one night.  Little did I know that I was about to embark on a journey that would see me make new friends all around the world, many of whom I would meet either when they came to Australia or who would make me welcome when I visited their home countries.

In 2008 when I casually asked what is there to do in the New York Metro forum the guys got together and organised a ‘Tech Day’. It turns out what this means is closing off a street, getting along 60 odd S2000’s and meeting some of the people that have been a big part of my life in the past decade.

It would reignite my dormant passion for getting under the hood and getting greasy, and take me much further than I had previously gone with everything up to and including engine rebuilding. Previously I had changed the odd clutch. These days I have even been referred to as ‘knowledgable’!

And it would help me realise my passion for motor racing both as a spectator and participant. I have just recently returned from the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix (I stayed with a mate I met through S2ki) and frequently participate in track days.

I have saved a lot of money due to S2ki, and in the process wasted a lot too. When my car started vibrating during acceleration on right hand corners I found the problem on S2ki. It was the CV joints and they were replaced under warranty. When I got bitten by the forced induction bug I found my solution on S2ki in the form of a pieced together turbo kit. And I blame S2ki for the resultant engine rebuild, head gasket replacements and blown diffs since.

S2ki has been a big part of my life for the last decade. Some have asked “Why do you waste so much time on S2ki?”. It has been a decade in which I have made new and important friends, been places I have always wanted to go, learnt things I could never dream of learning. I have grown substantially in the last decade and I feel S2ki has played a pivotal role in that.

Thank you S2ki, and here’s to the next 10 years!




NOTE: S2KI welcomes the opinions of its members on the S2000 and on all topics related to the S. Should you feel the creative urge to pen a few words then by all means do so and PM Energetic, Aashish2 or Onehots2k OR send us links to what you would like us to write about and we will feature you (or your community) on the S2KI Home Page.


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