YEAR 10: Video of the week – S2000 Evolution

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It was back in 1963 that Honda released its first production roadster, the S500. It was a roadster equipped with a larger displacement variant of the engine in the S360 roadster – a car developed for sale in 1962, but never reaching production. The S500 use what was high-tech (for those times) engine. It’s displacement was 531cc and it produced 44hp at 8000rpm with a red-line of 9500rpm. The S600 and the S800 followed years later. Since then, Honda evolved keeping Soichiro Honda’s power of dreams  alive through the years until S-roadster production halted in 1970.

In 1995 Honda introduced the SSM concept as a design study at the Tokyo Motor Show. There was no doubt that Honda was preparing something new and unique in the world of roadsters. Sure enough, the SSM became the foundation for the S2000. The S2000 began production in April 1999  to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. Nearly 30 years later the illustrious S500, S600 and S800, had a successor.

In this Video of the Week, we can see that time line compressed into a video and see how the S2000 evolved from a lineage of impressive S-roadsters. Surely a video worthy of our Year 10 celebration. Enjoy!


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