Video of the Week: S2000 Freedom

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Our member SteveC got his hands on a GoPro Hero camera and has recently collected a lot of footage. He went to work on all his collected visuals and the result is our video for this week.

We decided to call it S2000 Freedom, but you could also call it S2000 Bonding. There is a joy to the rituals that bond us to the car, starting with a wash and wax and then a top down drive through different landscapes, roads straight and narrow coursing through urban areas as well as curves high up in the mountains, all set to the tone of a relaxing beat by the group Pharcyde. Watching it, we expect that you too will share our thoughts that the S2000 ties us up in its bonds by setting us free on the road under the open sky. Enjoy this video of the week.

S2000 love from Stephen Clee on Vimeo.

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