What are you getting your S for Xmas?

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“’Tis the season” said JulieU and SakiGT concurred by saying “probably make a good home page article”. We at the News team are talking about the Holiday season that is upon us, more specifically talking about what you asked Santa for for your S2000. Now we hope each of you have been good throughout the year and worthy of your just rewards. tongue.gif

We were inspired by a thread in the S2000 talk forum and wanted to broadcast this out to the entire community. The holidays are a time for caring and sharing, gift-buying and gift-giving, a time to be spent with family and friends.

Being car nuts, we belong to a whole other breed and, in addition to shopping for family and friends, must also be planning to make that purchase we’ve always wanted for the S2000.

As some cars are stored during the winter, this is the ideal time to purchase parts and accessories to install on the car as a winter project. A custom exhaust, hardtop, body kits, etc. are all par for the course when it comes to buying goodies for the S2000. Then there are also those that consider themselves joined at the hip with their car and decide that a “driver mod” is what the car needs. Depending on one’s budget, performance driving schools offer the option of spending a weekend away in warmer conditions doing hot laps around a circuit or one could always stay closer to home and sign up for winter performance driving or ice racing with local organizations – surely not a bad way to improve one’s wet weather skills.

The list of all that one could buy for their car is unending and is only constrained by one’s imagination and budget. That said, post up and let us know what plans you’ve made and the purchases that will go into that conspicuous stocking by the fireplace that says “S2000”.

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