Damage! How do you deal with it?

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You know that we are an appearance-conscious bunch when, not only do we have a forum chapter pertaining to Photographing our cars, but we also have a serious forum chapter and badge dedicated to washing and waxing the car. Any post of damage suffered is met by a preliminary “meh, that will buff right out” followed by advice, suggestion and expressions of horror about the OP’s idiocy. Honorable mention must also be made about S2K’ers against Door Dings a badge several of us proudly wear. Any casual wayfarer with average intellect only need take one look at us to quickly determine that we are not to be messed with, at least as far as our cars are concerned.

Just like that four letter word that we sometimes step on accidentally, damage too happens. It can come in any way, shape or form and sneak up on you no matter how much you plan to keep it from coming close. One moment you are relaxing after a great group drive until you walk around to see where the stones from when you went sideways around a corner kicked up and damaged the paint. You take the scenic route back to your car that was painstakingly parked in that abandoned lot where no one parks to notice a door ding where none existed when you left it to bask.

Cloth tops on certain model years are prone to tearing in certain locations and when a tear does appear it makes the strongest of us go weak-kneed and bawl out our heart. We are certain that almost every one of us had a facepalm moment or two, like somehow connecting the surface of our palm to our forehead is going to make the problem go away.

After time spent moping over one’s misfortune, we do tend to come around. Some of us tend to get the damage taken care of right away or make plans to have it fixed at a future meet or tech day. There are also those of us that then tend to look at the damage and decide it’s too minor to worry about. If anything, the damage is a proud battle scar and a badge of honor for the S2000.

Now tell us. Have you had a facepalm moment with your S2000 and how did that make you feel?

Tip of the hat to Saki GT for suggesting the idea.

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