Video of the Week: Winter Sun and Top-Down Fun in Puerto Rico

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Our Puerto Rican members recently got together for a drive along the west coast. Per aresk3b, “It was a very sunny day and, even though there were some grey clouds, we encountered no rain. The temperature was really warm, spring-like (as winter in the Caribbean can get) and everybody enjoyed their top down ride”. Now really, does he need to remind us that winters for most of us are not exactly “spring-like”?

He goes on to say “We met at Isabela PR and drove on to San Germán, an inner municipality taking some curvy ‘made-for-the-S2000’ mountain roads. We visited Hacienda El Jibarito, a very nice guest house located in the serenity of the San Germán Hills. We had lunch here and then we moved back to the coast to keep driving along Aguada, Aguadilla, Rincón, Mayagüez and finally Cabo Rojo”.

Sounds like a fun day for sure. Don’t you wish your winter was milder and where you lived had cool mountain roads along the coast? We sure do. Click through and enjoy our video of the week.

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