Any S2000 Resolutions for the New Year?

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The fun and games of the holiday season end with the advent of a New Year, a time for resolutions. Even those that go “bah humbug!” usually perk up and get focused as they enter the New Year and think about things they’d do differently. Being an auto forum and more specifically a focused forum about the Honda S2000, we’d like to know what resolutions you’ve made for 2011 and how they relate to your S2000.

Resolutions could range from promising to drive with a lighter foot to more consciously washing and waxing your car the next time you plan to store it. Those that have a winter project on the anvil could be resolving to be more diligent and dedicate more time to completing work on the car. Garages need cleaning and organization and those that drive the car in the winter may resolve to finally put on the set of snow tires gathering dust in the garage (WE KID! If you live in snowy climes and don’t have on snow tires, you drive at your own risk).

On the personal front, those of Rubenesque proportions could resolve to attain a more slender form. This is bound to be helpful and, in addition to benefiting your health, will also enhance your experience of driving the S2000. The forums are abuzz with threads of wrecked S2000s and owners that had near misses. It never hurts to make a resolution to be a better driver versus being a lead-footed showoff. Winter time is ideal to learn driving skills and one could always enroll in a winter performance driving school or sign up with a local racing club for an instructor-led ice racing session. Those of us that are enthusiasts may have resolved to save more so we can buy the car of our dreams this year.

All that said, tell us what resolutions you have made and how they relate to your S2000… OR, like us at the news team, have you not made any resolutions at all? 😛

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