Two Years On – A Community Remembers One of Their Own

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Today Oklahoma S2000 Owners are remembering one of their own on the second anniversary of his passing. Travis Honeycutt (Janet&Travis) passed away on January 15, 2009 having touched several of us with his enthusiasm for living life to the fullest and his contagious smile.
I still reminisce about the time I first had the pleasure of meeting Travis Honeycutt and his wife, Janet. In October of 2006, they showed up at one of our semi-annual Missouri Hills Runs (now known as “Meet of the Midwest”) in their stock New Formula Red AP1. I didn’t find out until much later the reason they bought the car. Travis had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and only had a few months to live. He was such a vibrant person, I never would have known of his illness if no one had told me.

After learning of his passing, rx7ands2k said “Man, I’ll miss that guy… good spirit, really good spirit. I know a lot of people with s2ks, but very few of them do I actually remember their names. Some stand out more than others. Travis was one of those who stood out. He was just one of those people that was good to be around… contagious spirit, good character even when sick.”

eDiesel wrote “Travis has been with us at most of our best events. I’ll never forget him.”

Another friend, DirtyBird said “I first got to know Travis as he and I joined with three other buds to form a Monday night football group that has met for most every game the past 23 years.  The five of us and our wives have had many happy events and a few sad ones in those years.  Two are now gone.  Travis’ son Wes and my son Andrew were in the same class and so Travis and I have been involved in many of their activities and interests.  He and I took turns at different times as scoutmaster of their troop that has taken us to the Canadian boundary waters, canoeing, to the keys of Florida, snorkeling, to just about any campground in three states.  We had a blast!”

After his funeral, Janet posted “Trav as well as I have loved being a part of this S Family. Knowing all of you and taking part in the activities truly enriched our lives. I often felt that our S adventures did more for Trav than the chemo treatments. The S provided him with freedom, the freedom from the pain and the freedom from the mental anguish of having cancer. Taking the curves and feeling the fresh air across his face made all of that disappear. We gave Travis a great send off yesterday. One request was to have his ashes placed in an ice chest. The ice chest was a symbol of our life. We have four or five of these coolers in various colors that have accompanied us on all of our adventures. They have carried everything from cokes, beer, snacks, baby food, medicine and now Trav. I put his ice chest in the S and put the top down and headed for the church, but I first drove through Johnstone Park slowly, as that was where we were married in 1985 (’til death do we part).  For years he had said that he wanted In A Gadda Da Vida to be played at his funeral someday. So we did. We played that along with a slide show of photos. It was a happy service to celebrate his life. It will be difficult not to have my best friend at my side. But I will continue to take the curves and feel fresh air across my face.”

Although he’s gone, Travis will never be forgotten nor will we forget his zest for life and driving the S2000. Rest in peace, friend. We miss you!

–  JulieU (on behalf of the Oklahoma S2000 Owners)

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