Video of the Week: Soichiro Honda and the Power of His Dreams

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I do think that after you’ve been away from your car and you drive it again for the first time, you definitely sense the passion with every shift, with every curve, with every spirited drive. You can feel the dedication and the dream that it took to craft this car. In fact, I feel like I’m doing it an injustice by calling it a car, as it’s more than that. It’s an experience unlike any other. Having been away for a while, I hadn’t driven my S2000 in a few weeks. As I reconnected with the car, it all came back – the joy of shifting through the slick six-speed, VTEC and the wind in my face.

Upon returning home from the drive, I came across this video of Soichiro Honda’s Power of Dreams. Once you watch it, we expect you’ll feel more connected to your S2000 than ever before, perhaps even more connected to the overall scope of what Honda as a company was/is. The video will move you and touch the enthusiast heart pumping within you. If only we could all have the same level of passion in what we do on a daily basis, as Honda did, even as a kid. Let’s face it, if Honda didn’t have that passion and enthusiasm, we would not have the car we so love today. Click through and enjoy the Power of Soichiro-san’s dreams in our video of the week.

Special thanks for the final editing to aashish2, JulieU and to our newest addition to the news team, s2kpwned.

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