S2000 Honored Yet Again By Car And Driver Magazine

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In December of 2010, our friends at Car and Driver Magazine re-published their list of Top 10 cars from 2001 mentioning where those cars stood a decade later. Needless to say, the Honda S2000 made it to that list along with another Honda, the 2001 Accord.

The article does erroneously state “… 2.0-liter engine with an 8300-rpm redline,” but before we feel slighted, it is perhaps C&D’s way of settling the unending AP1 versus AP2 debate. Barring that faux pas, the rest of the blurb about the S2000 is quite spot-on. The S2000 has been described as being among “special cars that are canonized the moment they come into existence” and is also recommended as an “ideal track champion or canyon carver.”

Surely all of us would find it very hard to argue with such facts. Most threads from our Introductions forum and S2000 Talk section started by new owners go on to describe the joy and elation that they experience as the S2000 transforms their daily commute into a joyride. This also explains why people hold on to the car and why some people, upon selling it, find themselves back in another S2000.

It is a testament to the company that Honda was that a product designed over 10 years ago continues to show no signs of aging or a dulling of interest from the enthusiast community. Honda had knowingly or unknowingly engineered a cult classic.

Such accolades give us warm and fuzzy feelings about Honda and the S2000. Perhaps Honda too is patting itself on its back in a self-congratulatory mood.

That said, do you think any current Honda car will find itself on a similar list 10 years in the future? As some say, maybe the CR-Z is indeed a step backward.

Source: Car and Driver

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