Top-Down in a Blizzard – How Cool Is That?

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MTR CTY, an auto-related blog, posted a story about a driver driving top-down in blizzard conditions in Detroit. Subsequently, the story was picked up by Jalopnik and has since spread across the blogosphere. Typical comments have centered around how awesome it is to go out and do what no other person would even dare to do. The story made it to several of our forums and a little digging ensued to try and identify who this was.

As it turns out the person driving around with the awesome licence plate that reads “NURBURG” is  laurensdejong, a member of our Upper Mid-West S2000 Owners forum. This is not the first time that he has made the news. In the past too, he has attracted attention although back then, he did not receive many charitable comments.

Safe or unsafe, it is one’s personal choice to drive their car any way they see fit as long as they are driving it within the line drawn in the sand by the law. While it probably caused some rubberneckers to get some exercise and blink their eyes in disbelief, we see no reason why they can’t keep their consternation to themselves.

In his own words, “For me, every day is a perfect day to drive with the top down. You don’t get to one thousand and seventy straight days with the top down if you think seven degrees Fahrenheit below zero is no good, or rain, sleet, or snow is no good“. Who could argue with that?

Here was a car guy, that was out and about having fun on his commute and that is the way we see it. What about you? Do you see it any differently? After all the storm had no name, so why keep the top up at all?

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Source: MTRCTY and Jalopnik who were in turn inspired by one our own.

Image courtesy of laurensdejong

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