Site Software Upgrade Feb 26, 27, 2011

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This coming weekend, February 26, 27, and possibly 28th, we have planned a site software upgrade.

This is a major upgrade years in the making and will cause significant disruption. I have been working for several months rehearsing and smoothing out many rough spots but no amount of preparation will make the transition effortless.We ask for your patience as we work through this difficult and complex process and bear with us as the site or major portions of it are offline, unavailable or broken over the course of the weekend and for some time afterward. Our resources are limited but we are going to work as quickly as we can to get this back online and running smoothly again.

The frontpage of the site and the content section will be online most of the weekend and will serve as a source for the latest news. Those updates will be mirrored to our facebook page and our twitter feed @s2ki. I recommend you follow either or both to stay up to date with progress.  See thread in the site announcement forum.

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