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As of Wednesday, February 23, 2011, we had 1,188 participants in the Registry. This number represents approximately 1% of the S2000s still on the road. Not a tremendous number, but a number big enough to give validity to some statistical analysis. I started slowly, with simple analysis and as the weeks go by and the Registry continues to grow, I hope to identify other trends and relationships. Even with my simple start, I’ve come up with some interesting facts.

For starters, I was curious about where we live. I found that we come from everywhere. Represented among the participants in the registry are 22 countries, and 22 vehicles that didn’t give their location. These twenty two nations are Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Guam, Guatemala, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Lebanon, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States. The United States leads with 989 participants, Canada is second with 63, Australia third with 17, United Kingdom has 16, Italy and The Netherlands have 12, Belgium has 5, Puerto Rico 3, Germany and Malta 2 each and the rest have 1. I like the idea that our little roadster is truly an international car.

Next I picked three countries in an effort to see where the cars live. In Australia, West Australia leads with 6, followed by New South Wales with 4, Queensland 3, Victoria 2, and unknown (the participants didn’t give a location) 2.

In Canada the top 5 are Ontario with 19, British Columbia with 16, Alberta with 10, Quebec with 5 and Saskatchewan with 3. While here in the United States,  California has a resounding lead with 195, followed by Texas with 85, Florida with 68, Ohio with 53 and New York with 41.

All in all, 47 of the 50 states are represented, and some of the numbers are surprising. For example my state, New Jersey is 7th with 34. I thought New Jersey would have less. On the other hand, Nevada only has 9, Colorado only 6 and New Mexico only has 5. I thought they’d have many more.

Finally for today, I wanted to take a look at the exterior colors. We all have our favorites and, for the most part the breakout is predictable, but I didn’t expect as wide a spread between the first color and the next 4. Silverstone, as expected, is the leader with 276, but Berlina Black, the second most popular color has only 190. Not too shabby by itself, but as compared to Silverstone it’s a distant second. Third place is held by New Formula Red with 149, next is Grand Prix White with 124 and next is Sebring Silver with 101. After that Rio Yellow and Suzuka are tied at 77, but if you add Spa Yellow to the Rio Yellow, the Yellows jump to 4th place with 134.

You can see the entire listing and breakout by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy these statistics. If you haven’t yet signed up for the Registry, please do. If you know someone that hasn’t, please get them to register.


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