Rumors of Our Merger are Greatly Exaggerated

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Having paraphrased Mark Twain, we would like to assure you that S2kI has no plans whatsoever of merging with another forum (Honda or KIA because those are cars too). 🙂 Over the years we have carved our own unique identity in a large part due to all your enthusiasm and participation.

S2KI will strive to remain independent and totally committed to all things Honda S2000 and we hope to have you along for the long ride. We understand that things have been stressful post upgrade and we’d like to assure you that we are doing all we can to resolve outstanding issues. We are thankful for your patience and continuing support.

Even though the last few weeks have been tough, we figured we’d like to share a laugh with you and hence the exaggerated rumors of the merger at our collective expense.

As Mark Twain also said “This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four“, we hope you have a wonderful April Fools Day.

– cthree, HondaGal, LudeDude, Krazik


NOTE: S2KI welcomes the opinions of its members only on the S2000 and on all topics related to the S2000. Should you feel the creative urge to pen a few words about your Honda Lawn Mower then by all means do so, but don’t PM Energetic, JulieU, Aashish2, or Onehots2k. Our members will lynch us if we publish anything blasphemous. More heads will roll than did during the French revolution, which was also a bad time for those that were performing comedians. 😀

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