Video of the Week: Enjoy Dodging Cones This Summer

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Summer time calls for cold refreshments and we often keep cool by enjoying an ice cream cone. That said, there are other cones, the dodging of which will not only make you cooler but also pump up your adrenaline and possibly turn you into a better driver. They say driving skills can be acquired and the mind can be taught to acquire the sharp reflexes needed to handle a race car or a car like the S2000.

What better way to start off the driving season than by signing up for autocross events. No matter where you live, you are never too far from an enthusiast community that gathers on the weekend in an unassuming parking lot, and as the day progresses, turns it into a miniature race track with the sound of tires squealing and exhausts roaring. Best of all, autocross is safe and the maximum damage you are likely to suffer is a bruised ego or downed cones. Our video of the week features an S2000 owner as he navigates the autocross season through the summer. We hope this gets you to try this sport. Click through and enjoy our Video of the Week!

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