Tornadoes Strike the Southern United States

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Deadly tornadoes struck the southern United States yesterday causing a lot of damage and leaving behind a trail of displaced human lives and wanton destruction. Reports are still coming in and as of now, the death toll has neared 300 lives.

These areas are home to several of our S2000 communities and, on behalf of S2KI, I request that all of us stand in solidarity with our members from the area and their families and friends. Let us hope that none of them have suffered any serious loss and wish them a speedy recovery back to normalcy.

The Red Cross has been working diligently to provide relief and aid to the affected families in the area. For those interested, you can send support and aid through the Red Cross to the affected population.

To the owners in the affected area, please know that you are in our thoughts and that this community stands by you.

– HondaGal

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