Video of the Week: Honda Fun on Track

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Driving an S2000 on the track can be a lot of fun. It is a safer environment in which to push the limits of the car and oneself than on the street. There is an etiquette that must be followed on track, an unspoken rule some would say about yielding to the better driver regardless of the car.In this week’s video you will see an S2000 being hotly pursued by a hot-shoe driver in a Civic. Both cars appear to be evenly matched as they chase each other around the track. The S2000 is faster than the Civic in certain sections, but is not issued a point by and is in fact blocked by the driver in the other car.

Regardless of the behavior displayed towards him, this video demonstrates the S2000 driver being very respectful of the Civic and not doing anything unsportsmanlike while the driver sets himself to pass other cars on the track. Finally the S2000 driver appears to slow down to open up a wide enough gap to the Civic, so he may continue lapping in peace. After all, a track day event is not a race. Click through and enjoy our video of the week and be safe out there.

Le laquais en S2000 from ludomini on Vimeo.

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