Are S2000s Racing Competitively Worldwide?

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We’ve often heard of how well the S2000 does on the racetrack and how competitively a well set up S2000 performs alongside higher horsepower rivals. Case in point, the ASM S2000 holds the lap record for the fastest Naturally Aspirated (NA) car at the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan having won the Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive (FR) NA Class five years in a row. This car is considered by many as the benchmark for NA S2000s.

In the Super Lap Battle in 2009, the Evasive Motorsports S2000 took 1st Place in the FR Street Class setting a new Street Tire course record. Amazingly, the car that accomplished this retained its daily drivability and was driven to and from the racetrack. These are just two of the many examples of record breaking S2000s winning throughout the world.

While the aforementioned cars have been built by tuning companies to showcase their mettle, we want to know how successful the S2000 has been in local racing competitions for you. Over in Singapore where I live, due to the limited number of S2000s available, the representation in local motorsport competition is almost zero despite S2000s regularly seen participating at local High Performance Driving Events (HPDEs). I’ve met endurance racing competitors in Australia who’ve spoken volumes about how reliable and quick the S2000 has been resulting in strong results throughout the course of the series. Have you seen more successful S2000s at your local tracks? Tell us what you like about them. What classes do they run in and how dominant have they been in your local racing scene either in HPDE or in proper competition?

For racers who are currently competing with the S2000, do tell us why you picked the S2000 and in what class you are running, e.g. Stock, Street Tyre, Unlimited, etc. Was it Honda reliability, the rigid platform, good suspension setup or other reasons that suit your class that led to you picking the S2000? We’d like to know what competitive strengths you banked on when choosing the S2000 and how successful this has proven for you. We’d like to hear from all the racers out there about how the S2000 fared against the competition.

Let us be reminded and inspired by how the S2000 truly shines on the proving grounds of the racetrack!

Photo courtesy of Triple-H

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