I Love the Smell of Brake Pads in the Morning (Commute)

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I’m late for work at least once a week, and it’s my car’s fault.

This cannot be ascribed to any mechanical malady or intolerance of cold or inactivity. Rather, it is due to a simple duality. There are two ways to get from my apartment to my office – the direct route or, to paraphrase Robert Frost, the road less traveled.

The direct route takes less than ten minutes, most of that waiting at a succession of traffic lights which, in best California tradition, are inevitably red. It’s a frustrating exercise in not rear-ending the Prius in front as it creeps off the line, while simultaneously ignoring the lifted pickup six inches behind (and three feet above) my bumper.

The alternate route traverses a series of small office parks. It has stop signs instead of lights, gently curving roads, and almost no traffic. This alone would be reason enough to use it, a chance to enjoy the sun and cool morning breeze before I’m unceremoniously stuffed back into my cubicle.

Halfway along though is the real reason for my occasional tardiness. A brief straight tightens into a moderate left then sweeps right before a short and exceedingly bumpy braking zone for yet another stop sign. If no one else is around and you’re feeling brave, a tap of the brakes before the first corner suffices, and the left/right can be taken at full throttle and at what may be considered an eye-widening speed for the aforementioned Prius. The approach to the stop sign is the sternest test for both man and machine; a textbook exercise in threshold braking and suspension control.

Forget coffee, forget energy drinks; if you want to feel alive in the morning, you need an S2000.

Has your car ever inspired you to take the road less traveled, even to the most lackluster destinations?

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