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An S2000 is a relatively unknown car compared to say a Civic or a Chevy Camaro. Because of this, there are occasions when the car is subject to mistaken identity. Several of us have been asked whether our car is a Miata and even a Porsche. We also have a popular discussion thread in S2000 Talk entitled Funny Things People Have Said About Your S2000 that lists various humorous experiences we’ve had with the uninitiated. However, today we came across a news article on the internet that could be classified as “Funny Things People Say About Your del Sol”.

Technabob is a technology blog with a difference, and in their own words “We try to offer something a little different from all of the other tech news blogs out there, digging under rocks that aren’t already uncovered, and always with a bit of wit and whimsy thrown in”. We don’t know what rock they dug under or perhaps it is their aforementioned whimsy that caused them to call a del Sol an S2000.

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They have since corrected the error in their article but not before we got a screen capture. A guy named Shawn (who is a bigger Star Wars geek than us) converted his del Sol into an H-Wing Carfighter complete with R2D2 on deck and posted pictures up on his own website. His car has been featured in several shows per Technabob and, with that kind of publicity, one would think there would be no room for a case of mistaken identity. However, Technabob’s blog entry stated “If you are a geek, be a geek dammit. Just look at this dude named Shawn. He has embraced his inner Star Wars geek and turned his Honda S2000 into his own H-Wing Carfighter – and it’s epic. It’s also so geeky that it hurts a little to view the car’s awesomeness”.

Anyone who frequents S2KI would take one look and ascertain that the car in question was no S2000. One of our editorial staff also kept hitting the “Page Down” key trying to find the S2000 H-Wing Carfighter mentioned in the article. Calling the del Sol an S2000 is akin to staring Yoda in the face and asking “Where were you until now, Obi-Wan?” We suspect Yoda would be perplexed as were we. However, such mistakes tend to happen, and we suspect that we too could be in that situation someday and mistake an iPad for a Galaxy Tab (mind you, we can’t tell the difference). The blog post itself was complimentary about Shawn and his creation and we hope they will find an S2000 cool enough to feature on their blog someday.

In a sense, we are geeks as well bonded by our culture of top-always-down fun and the never-ending AP1 versus AP2 debate. Like Technabob, have you ever mistaken another car for the S2000? Would an S2000 make for a cool Star Wars tribute vehicle?

Images courtesy of Shawn Crosby

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