The Honda S2000 H-Wing Carfighter Concept

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In response to our previous post about the del Sol H-Wing Carfighter, Obi-Shawn A.K.A. Shawn commented on the article and shared a link to a concept sketch of a Honda S2000-based H-Wing Carfighter that he designed. He was evaluating several vehicles as a replacement for his del Sol that had become tired and worn out after 11 years and 243K miles and the S2000 was among the few cars he considered in addition to the 350Z, SLK and others. Before you say Chevy Cobalt SS, click through and read more about what Shawn has to say.

In his words “I do up to 160 charity events a year in this thing, from kids’ hospitals and schools to the military… I had actually strongly considered an S2000 as my replacement car, especially after I replaced my stock sol seats with the extremely comfortable S2K seats. I enjoyed test driving one, but found it to be a tighter cockpit than the del sol, and was worried about the 200+ mile-long road trips I occasionally take to do appearances. Several of my fellow Stormtrooper costumers indicated that it was difficult for them.”

Shawn eventually settled on a Nissan 350Z as a replacement and is building up the car to H-Wing spec. It appears that the S2000 and Hondas in general have struck a chord with him as he went on to say “I’ve settled on the Nissan 350Z, which I’m enjoying, but haven’t been able to give the Honda up yet…” Well, we hope that Shawn someday becomes an S2000 owner and at such time he will also be a part of S2KI.

For all the good that he appears to be doing by driving his car to charity events in support of children and the troops, we hope the force remains strong with him, and that someday an aesthetically pleasing S2000 H-wing Carfighter will be built and parked right alongside the S2000 Batmobile for all to see. Beats seeing pictures of damaged S2000s, wouldn’t you say?

Images courtesy of Obi-Shawn

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