Calling all OG’s (Original Owners)

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We’ve often wanted to walk up to some of our older members and go “Yo, what up, OG? What’s good in tha hood?” Some of them would be puzzled but others would nod knowingly and, with a wink, point to their S2000. “OG” per Urban Dictionary means Original Gangster and, for purpose of this text, refers to those of us who were lucky to have purchased our S2000s brand new.

There is nothing different in terms of the love and affection for the car between someone who has bought used versus brand new. As a matter of fact, there are several owners who have given new leases of life to used and abused S2000s. With that said, there definitely must be something special about purchasing an S2000 brand new. Think about it, the paint is factory fresh, the odometer has a single digit reading, the engine bay is clean and the tires are a glossy black with full tread.

Nearly every mile on the car is your own and, as such, the car holds no mysteries (unless you still haven’t figured out the location of the secret compartment). Every rattle, tear, modification as well as road behavior is second nature to you. Every badge from every event that you and the car have attended is proudly displayed and there is a sense of camaraderie established between owner and machine. Often times the car also strikes up a bond with significant others and family members who can’t bear for the car to be sold.

Original owners often recall vividly the details of how they came upon the S2000 and made it their own – the haggling with the sales staff, paying a premium, or being forced to purchase the car with accessories. All of these make for very interesting stories and are a part of the legend and folklore surrounding the S2000.

With the goal of getting an estimate on the number of original owners still active, our member NDAZONE started a thread in S2000 Talk. In his own words “The S2000 has now been off the market for 1.5 years. How many of us original owners are still active? I am particularly curious about the early model years.” There is also a badge that is available for all those who purchased their S brand new and are still around. So without further ado, follow the link below and post up your information.

If you are an Original Gangster, then you have a part to play in keeping the thread active so that those of us not fortunate enough to purchase brand new, may experience the thrill vicariously.

Also owners new and used, please sign up for the S2000 Registry, if you haven’t already.

Images courtesy of Triple-H and twohoos

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