S2000 In The News: Hot Wheelin’ to another Top 10 List

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Clearly the S2000 is an obsession for us, be it at work or home. Quite a few of us like to adorn areas of our home and work locations with S2000 memorabilia and scale models. Our member mrgrimm57 who owns a CR went a step beyond. He collected several Hot Wheels scale models of the S2000 and proceeded to turn them into CR’s. As you can see in the image above, his creations are a work of art and worthy of our applause. Feel free to click here and read his thread to learn about the attention he paid to detail in creating these cars. If it were up to us, we’d nominate mrgrimm57 for Hot Wheels designer. At the very least, we  think he should become a sponsor on the site so that we all may purchase from him.

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The Jaguar XF has been voted as the Car of the Decade by the readers of Auto Express magazine in the UK. The S2000 is ranked at number 6 on the list along with cars such as the Skoda Octavia, Lexus RX, Land Rover Discovery, Honda Jazz (Fit), Jaguar XJ6/8 and the Nissan Qashqai. That is yet another Top 10 list that our wee little roadster has made it into. When we think about it, we we never cease to get amazed that a design finalized in the late 90s continues to win accolades more than a decade later. Do you share our amazement or think it’s no big deal? Would Ian Callum’s designs age as well as the S2000?


The Week, a news outlet based in Oman (as in the middle-east), featured a story about a certain Rashad Nsouli and his “‘Signature’ Honda S2000”. From the text of the article, it is apparent that the writer and editor of said publication are deserving of a job on our home page. The text of the article says “… its weight to power ratio ensures that you get the most of the 255 horses revving to 9,000rpm”, and elsewhere the power is listed as 250 HP. The specs say the car goes from Zero to 100 in 6 seconds and it hit us quickly that they probably were referring to KMPH. That being said, Rashad appears no different than our average S2KI member and appears to have his head squarely on his shoulders. In his own words “… it comes in handy when you want to put big V8 muscle cars to shame,” and we could not agree more. Here is hoping Rashad finds S2KI’s Middle East S2000 Owners group and comes to be a part of our community, if not here already.


Images courtesy of mrgrimm57 & tuscman

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