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Many S2000 owners fantasize about the perfect camera setup to capture their next event at the track or a local meet/group drive. Few have invested excessive amounts of money into complex systems so technologically advanced that they would seem to be on par with equipment used by Hollywood. Yet the art of filming has advanced thanks to groundbreaking technological developments, making it possible to capture motion picture-like sequences without the hassle of having to acquire expensive equipment. A prime example of such technological innovation is the HD Hero camera from a company called GoPro.

For around the cost of an iPhone4, one can acquire the GoPro HD Hero camera that not only has excellent video recording capabilities, but also several other features such as self-timer mode, picture mode, triple shot picture mode, and a rather extensive menu with options such as spot metering, upside down mode and several other features usually available on cameras four times the cost. The versatility of the GoPro system speaks for itself. The triple shot mode is very useful when shooting time-lapse shots, whereas the self-timer mode can be utilized to take pictures of the driver in action. Spot metering is useful when shooting the driver from in front of the windshield, as it will decrease the glare and focus on the driver’s face instead.

It is possible to mount it virtually anywhere on the car utilizing nothing more than the equipment supplied by GoPro. The suction cup tends to be a favorite since it’s easily removed from any surface without leaving any sort of mark. One could also stick the adhesive-backed mounts provided by GoPro on the front bumper or on a helmet and capture video. With the range of mounts that come with the camera, one is only restricted by their imagination in terms of the angle they want to capture. One enterprising member even went so far as to fashion a tow hook mount that can be used to mount the camera on the front bumper without having to worry about attaching the adhesive backed mount.

The camera and its casing are built to take abuse and can easily survive travails on the road. The casing is also designed to help the camera function under water (not that we’d drive our cars into the drink) and is waterproof to a depth of 180 feet (60 meters). This makes it all the more invaluable to track nuts as they no longer have to worry about tire clag, or rain causing damage to the camera equipment and can mount the camera in the location of their choice without worrying too much about damage.

Besides the full HD 1080p shooting mode, the camera has a total of 5 options, allowing for the perfect setting for any situation. The modes range from regular WVGA (DVD) to 720p (one with 30 fps, the other with 60 fps) then onto 960p and finally onto the true HD 1080p mode. In order to not overload your hard drive and still get excellent quality HD footage, I suggest the R3 program, yielding 720p resolution at 60 frames per second (fps).

The experienced movie editor will find delight in the plethora of modes available as some are great for time lapse shots, while others provide a brilliant resolution. S2000 owners new and old have made the transition from a mounted camera (restricted to one location, above the secret compartment) to the versatility provided by the GoPro system. The possibilities are nearly endless, not only in the choice of mounting location, but also capturing modes.

Ownership of the HD Hero Camera aside, feel free to check out the Official S2KI GoPro Crew thread. You will not only learn more about the camera but also get to watch some cool videos submitted by other S2KI members.

S2000s of Brisbane Video, courtesy of ninelarge

Official S2KI GoPro Crew

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