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Over the past weekend we received a PM from a member who short-listed their favorite articles and asked us if we could publish them. Seeing how these articles are representative of the community and also considering that we are heading into the holiday season, we felt it would be appropriate to republish links to these articles. These range from community events to praise for the car and the impact S2KI has on our daily work lives or otherwise. Click through and let us know what you think of these articles. It is our hope that you will enjoy reading them.

How S2KI Makes My Life at Work More Enjoyableenergetic describes how his daily S2KI time makes for a fun and productive day. We are pretty sure that several of us fall into this category and begin to display signs of withdrawal as and when there is the rare issue with site performance.

Pay It Forward – This article is all about the good will and positive intent that we as a community share with each other. Be it helping out a fellow member with an install or just holding their hand through their first track session, this community has always been about paying it forward. We’d like to believe it all started with Uehara-san and his team of engineers at Honda.

A Match Made on The Dragon – Matches are made in heaven, but if you are a car nut then you will move heaven and earth or at the very least drive across a significant span of asphalt, to the Tail of The Dragon, to create a special memory for you and your significant other. Our member toekneeg hit upon the idea of popping the question to his soul-mate while participating in one of the community’s events on the Dragon and enlisted the help of fellow-members as well. Suffice it to say that even Hollywood would not be able to script a better scene.

To Hold and Drive Forever – Impending wedding bells typically sound like warning bells to car nuts. There is the possibility that one may have to give up the S2000 in order to establish home and hearth with a significant other. C32b, one of our news-team members was in a similar predicament not too long ago and seemed to have resolved the issue of keeping the S2000 while also scoring the perfect life-partner.

S2000 Facts per Energetic and Luder94 – This witty collection of facts was published as part of our 10th anniversary celebration. Behind the wit though these facts are true and have often been experiences that several members have reported.

AusS2000 on the Last 10 YearsAusS2000 is S2KI’s first official member. On the ocassion of the 10th anniversary, he took some time to pen his thoughts and shared it with us. We are sure that reading this article you too will find similarity with his experience and the impact that S2KI has had on life.

Driven Again – A true story of one member’s determination to overcome the odds and continue to drive and enjoy his S2000. This story is an inspiration as it relates how one can conquer insurmountable odds based on willpower and a little help from friends. A feel-good true story about the community and the camaraderie shared by its members.

Speed Bumps – A New Owner’s Rough Start – Several of us are lucky in that our purchase and ownership of the S2000 is trouble-free. ScandinavianFlick, in his debut for the home page, writes about the trouble and anguish he went through with his first S2000 and the silver lining that saved the day, all of which made his bond with the S2000 stronger.

Video: The Last Run – A poignant compilation of the last of the S2000’s being manufactured and sent out into the world. This will make your heart heavy and bring back nostalgia in waves for the decade during which the S2000 was manufactured.

Nine Years and Counting – Vintage S2000 Owners member and resident MG expert, dlq04, reminisces on the occassion of completing nine years of owning his Honda S2000. Few have described the S2000 as well as dlq04. Coming from him these words mean a lot as he has driven several sports cars down the years and also owns one other sports car. There is no doubt that we drive something special.


Images courtesy of energetic, Onehots2k, AusS2000 and other members

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