S2000 in the News: Florida MegaMeet, NHTSA Theft Ranking and More

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Yet another major event within our community is set to take place this weekend. Florida S2000 Owners are getting together on Saturday, the 12th of November for the 2011 Florida S2K MegaMeet. 106 S2000s have confirmed participation along with two NSXs and a total attendee population of 180 members. Best of all, the event is free and all that one needs to do in order to attend is RSVP on the official thread. So if you happen to live in the vicinity of the Route 46 Entertainment District or happen to be visiting the area, we hope you will attend what promises to be one of the largest S2000 gatherings of the year on the east coast.

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In other news, the S2000 has made it to another Top 10 list and we must add that it is not something to be cheerful about. As many of you may have already read by now, the NHTSA has ranked the S2000 at #5 on its list of vehicles with the highest theft rate. This list is compiled based on reports of thefts for every thousand cars manufactured of a certain kind during a year. The Honda S2000 had a theft rate of 5.6 as two vehicles were stolen based on total production for 2009. Based on this, we urge you to be doubly wary of where you park your car and ensure you take as many safety precautions as possible. We’d hate for any of us to become a statistic on this list. (Source: NYTimes)

The 2011 Fall Boston Mountains Tour concluded this past weekend. All the participants appeared to have enjoyed good weather and seem to have had a great time. Click here to see images from this fall’s tour and be sure to register early for the next one.

In Honda news, there appears to be nothing anew other than reports of the 2012 Civic model-refresh coming sooner than normal, and with no other vehicles other than the CR-V and the Fit EV in the pipeline, one may not really have too much to look forward to. However, Honda has launched an all new ASIMO with improved artificial intelligence and capable of performing greater tasks. The prospect of owning a robotic pet someday, ASIMO appeals to the inner geek in us for sure. That said though, we still are holding out hope for Honda to rediscover their mojo and show the competition how to build a proper roadster. (Source: Mashable.Com)

Images courtesy of trentor and thraak. MegaMeet Video courtesy of thraak.

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