A Long Overdue Return – 2011 Florida S2000 MegaMeet

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What we’d give for a picture perfect and salubrious November day. Alas that is a daydream for some of us, but for those that live in sunny southern climes, its just another sunny day. This day (about which you are going to read) however was special, with it being the 2011 S2000 MegaMeet organized by the Florida S2000 Owners group. Our member PrimoGen, very kindly put together this write-up to share with all of us. Click through and read about all the fun that was had at the long overdue 2011 MegaMeet.

On a picture perfect November day in Sanford, Florida, the morning calmness and serenity was shattered by teams of wild S2000s converging from every direction toward the center of the state. Wildlife scattered, mothers hid their children, the police were called, helicopters, rockets, robots, explosions, and expensive import parts were flying off people’s cars! It was MAYHEM!!!

Ok, Ok… so, maybe Michael Bay wrote that intro.

In many ways though, life seemed to imitate art as some of the groups that drove to the 2011 Florida S2000 MegaMeet encountered more than they bargained for during their pilgrimage to the Route 46 Entertainment District in Sanford, Florida. The group from Tampa encountered many of the things described in the opening paragraph. A brush with the local constabulary, some less than fortunate road-bound wildlife, and the requisite fender bender were a la carte menu items shared by what can only be described as the “Karma Krewe” from Tampa Bay. No one (except for the squirrel) was injured in the making of that trip and they all arrived in one piece, thankfully.

The other tribes of Florida S2000 owners came from all points on the compass. Groups came from Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville, West Palm Beach, Clearwater, and other towns too numerous and small to remember. They all gathered for what was to be a very low-key and awesome day filled with great food, great music, and great people.

What if you threw a party and… half the people came? You have a kick-ass time with those that did show up, of course! The day was measured with a little more than half of the registered attendees actually attending. Things happen and those that did not show up were missed, but life has a way of getting in the way of even the best-laid plans. This did not dampen the spirits or affect the group camaraderie in any way though. People enjoyed a live DJ while perusing the vendors’ booths and sampling some of the “Smokehouse” restaurant’s menu items and drink offerings. Best of all, they got to see every kind of S2000 you could think of from showroom perfection to the wildest one-off builds you can imagine.


People got to see old friends and new faces. They showed off their cars and their new acquisitions. Some swapped stories of recent track events. They discussed techniques and new technologies with the performance and custom parts vendors that were onsite. Some just relaxed and caught up with friends and family.

The day ended with a People’s Choice vote, awards for the group’s three favorite S2000s and an exciting series of raffles. People said their goodbyes and launched their two-seaters into the setting sun. It was a perfect day and a perfect meet. We all could not have asked for better weather, food, music, or people!


Everyone was brought together for something spawned from a simple car but grown into something special: Community. The thing that makes all of these meets and events, all over the country, so special is that you meet some of the very best people on the planet. The people who make up the S2000 community here in Florida are a special group of people in my eyes. All of us have a thousand stories of how a fellow member or owner has done something truly selfless and remarkable, or cool, or overly funny, or in some cases just plain dumb. I would not have it any other way, personally.

A long overdue return, indeed; a return to greatness. I hope the momentum of this year’s event really puts the spark back into these large meets. It was looking grim for the future of our state for some time. I am confident that the people gathered together that day saw how awesome the group dynamic really is and shared in the love and pride of knowing that our community really is one of the best around.

Images courtesy of djdorifto, PrimoGen, lawliver and BrockB

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