The Season of Receiving

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‘Tis the season of receiving. We say that knowing fully well that most of you have either a list of goodies or some expectation of what you want to receive this season for your S2000. Being the motorheads that we are, it is par for the course. We started a debate of sorts amongst the editorial team about what we thought ought to be on the list of every S2000 owner this holiday season and came up with the following (in no particular order of importance). We hope you all have been good this year and that one or more of the following make their way into your stocking:

Tires: The least thought about aspect of the car and yet the most important. It can not only lend to the beauty of the car but also provide you with the grip and those few hundredths of a second on a closed racing surface. If you are driving in the snow, please ensure you have a good set of snow tires or, like ScandinavianFlick, get those racing slicks on which you can set the track ablaze.

Shift Knob: Sure, you have the privilege of shifting one of the best-designed transmissions ever, but if you haven’t already, be sure to invest in an aftermarket shift knob. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. Options abound from the OEM titanium shift knob and the CR shift knob, to a number of countersunk shift knobs available from vendors in our community.

Knob Sock: Supposedly keeps your knob warm in the winter. Now dispel any naughty thoughts that are probably arising in your mind, at least until the holiday season is over. Changing gears using a metal shift knob (no matter how countersunk) when it’s below freezing outside can get very bone chilling and tiring very quickly. Place a knob sock on the shift knob and your digits will thank you all season long. What’s more, get your significant other to knit one for you so a piece of him/her will always be within the reach of your hand. We can assure you that doing so will work wonders for your relationship. Also recommended is a knob shok by one of our staff. As of date, we are still seeking confirmation on what this device is.

Glove box organizer: They say a mess typically lies out of sight. With the way the S2000 glove box is designed, we have no doubt that one could spend quite some time digging through stuff that tends to accumulate when searching for something specific. The glove box organizer has been designed to perfectly fit within the contours of the glove box. This is modular and can be set up by a person the way they see fit and makes for a very clean and organized glove box. A must for every S2000 owner’s Christmas list.

S2KI Gear: T-shirts, beanie caps and more (suggested by energetic): As driving and owning an S2000 is nearly not enough, you need to display more of your community spirit by wearing an S2KI T-shirt on top of which, you will wear the S2KI hoodie and the beanie cap and drive top-down in sunny Florida or California, ignoring the looks of passersby. After all, what do those losers know?

S2KI and UK Calendar: Until the iPhone and Android operating systems allow us to create an S2000 skin for the calendar, you have no recourse but to order the S2000 calendar from S2KUK or S2KI (NOTE: The S2KI Calendar will not be available in time for the Christmas season). Now since purchasing a single calendar is not enough, we recommend that you purchase one for work and one for your house so those trips to the john can be spent looking at car porn!

Track racing lessons: Never a bad time to sign up for a track lesson or High Performance Driving Event. Such events typically combine classroom sessions with on-track sessions and as they are instructor led, you will gain a finer and deeper understanding of the circle of friction and how it applies to your everyday life. Schools like The Mid-Ohio School and Skip Barber typically offer discounts around this time of the year. Also, be sure to check with local schools or set aside money in your mattress to attend an SCCA or NASA school in your area next season.

GoPro HD Hero: Used to be a time when one had to spend a pretty penny in order to set up video equipment on a car. This often involved a lot of cutting and wiring beyond the financial scope and possibly the skills of the average weekend warrior. The GoPro HD Hero series of cameras has been a godsend in that aspect. Built tough and coming encased in a strong case along with a tough suction mount, it can be mounted on any surface in any weather and at any angle the driver can think of. Mount it on the fender and much to your chagrin, it will capture irrefutable evidence that you are a lowlife sleazeball early apexer. Mount it on the underside of the car and you can capture cool footage of the forces acting on your tire as you go around a field of cones. Take it along to a weekend meet or a group drive and you will not only be able to capture video footage but also set up the camera to capture stop motion images and stills. A must-have for every S2000 owner that likes to document all the fun they have with the car.

Keyhole Covers: A relatively inexpensive stocking stuffer available from vendors on this site and elsewhere. The Keyhole covers are available in all colors of the S2000 and are a must-have for the finicky that can’t stand the eyesore of an exposed keyhole in the door panels or trunk lid.

S2KI Membership: Several good things in life are free and there is a wealth of information available for “guests” on here ranging from FAQs to suggestions on what car to purchase and opinions on mods galore. If you have received from this community and find yourself coming back here frequently whether to seek advice or to rave and rant about the cost of tires, or perhaps you discovered a hidden compartment near the glove console, maybe it’s time you upgraded to a membership. For a nominal cost every year, you get access to member-only content as well as access to albums on S2KI and full access to the Marketplace. If access to DIYs and service procedures is not enough, then perhaps access to the Backlot and other off-topic member-only forums might be well worth your shekels.

Donate to a charity of your choice: Last but not least, this is the season of receiving joy by the act of giving freely and generously to those that are less fortunate than us. Perhaps you could get together with your local community members and organize a Toys for Tots drive or gather up donations for the Red Cross or a local charity. Perhaps you have a part that is sitting in your garage taking up space and know of a member that needs it. Please give freely, for we assure you that you will receive back more than ye give.

Let us know which of the above are on your list this season in the comments below.

Tip of the hat to Aquila Eagle, energetic, JulieU, SakiGT, ScandinavianFlick and ZOMG.S2K for their contributions.

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