S2000 in the News – Crashes Galore, Recognition and the EV-Ster

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In this edition of S2000s in the News (our random news feature in which we troll the internet in search of news related to the S2000), we have reports of crashes, one of which could have been avoided while the other appeared to have been inflicted on the unsuspecting S2000 owner. Montgomery News, a regional publication from Pennsylvania, mentions the S2000 in a list and AutoGuide spins the EV-STER’s arrival as the next coming of the S2000. Click through to read on and feel free to sound off in the comments.

Hit and Run – Our first S2000 crash story comes from California. Michelle Simmons, an S2000 owner, was struck by a vehicle heading in the opposite direction that was traveling in the wrong lane. Although she took evasive action, she was struck, hit a telephone pole, breaking it into two and ended up in a ravine. The driver of the other vehicle continued on without stopping to check on her and her S2000. Michelle Simmons appears to be unhurt and is offering a reward of $1,500 for any information about the vehicle and driver that caused this accident. Follow the link to see how to get in touch with her in the event any of our members from California can help. [Source: Morgan Hill Times]

DWI Crash – The Hunterdon County Democrat reports of an S2000 crash citing DWI as the reason. Turns out one Jeffrey Moder, 24, a resident of Lebanon Twp., went off the road in his 2001 Honda S2000 (yet another AP1 bites the dust) and then, after making impact, ricocheted across to the other side of the road before coming to rest. Both driver and passenger escaped without injury. We are glad that there was no loss of life and hope Jeffrey has learned from this hard knock. Something tells us he won’t be starting a thread in S2000 Talk anytime soon. [Source: Hunterdon County Democrat via NJ dotcom]

 Yet another top 10 list mention – Montgomery News, a local publication from Pennsylvania, mentions the S2000 in their article titled “Top ten fun cars to drive.” While the S2000 is not listed as a top 10 car, it is mentioned as an alternative to the Mazda Miata along with the Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky. We think that perhaps the author of the article never got to drive an S2000 which could be why the S2000 was listed as an alternative to the Miata as opposed to the other way around. [Source: Montgomery Media]

 EV-STER is an S2K Replacement? – AutoGuide.com is reporting that because the EV-STER will likely be available in both gasoline and EV drivetrains, it is the S2000 replacement they are looking forward to. While we are excited about a Kei class roadster coming from Honda, we don’t quite think a Kei class vehicle has what it takes to replace the S2000. We are sure it will be a fun car to drive, but to wear an S label, the car must be front engined and have a driveshaft of some sort sending power to the rear wheels in the proud tradition of the S600, the S800 and the S2000.[Source: AutoGuide dotcom]

That concludes our random wrap-up of S2000 news and rumors floating around the internet. We urge you to avoid drinking or texting or whispering sweet nothings to siri for that matter while driving. Stay safe out there y’all!

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