Wait, that isn’t an F20C!

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Hey everyone, it’s Juan, a.k.a. “thinmint.”  The News Team asked me to write up something about my car project to put on the front page.


Essentially, I am taking a Spa yellow AP1, removing the engine components and installing an electric drivetrain.  By switching from the F20C to twin 9” DC electric motors, I hope to gain some serious torque, as well as some high HP numbers! Although my build primarily consists of updates outlining my progress on the electric aspect of the car, it also features multiple posts regarding modifications and upgrades to the S2000’s exterior, interior, and mechanical components.  I try to share as much information that I have gleaned through the project with the board members, so I’m sure everyone will find something interesting in the thread, and there are plenty of photos on each page for those who prefer eye candy.  I have gained and hope to continue gaining valuable advice and feedback from fellow board members by having the build thread on S2KI.

– Juan (thinmint)




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