S2000s in the News: Drift, Drift, Drift on Track, Not on the Street, and Build Your Own CR

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Meet Chris Jeanneret. Chris is not the average S2K owner that sports an S2KI decal and drifts on the streets. Chris is an Internet Brands sponsored Formula Drift driver that drifts a prepared S2000 sporting the S2KI decal on track. What’s more, all his videos also feature the S2KI logo in the credits. When was the last time you did that for S2KI? … we kid, we kid!! Watch the video below and leave your support for Chris in the comments.

This driving season, let’s keep the drifting and hooning off the streets and take it to the track. You’re probably thinking “but the streets are so much more accessible” and “I know that decreasing radius corner better than the back of my hand.” Well hold that thought and consider all the variables that you don’t have control over. Car driving in the wrong lane, traffic, and pedestrians. Also crashes and damages cause S2000s to be totaled, and the more they get totaled, the less cars available in the market, leading to higher insurance rates and higher prices for used S2000s, especially certain Acura dealers in Northern New Jersey. Just to remind you of the dangers of driving on the street, here is an accident that happened on April 28, 2014 in New York City. As you can see in the image below, it was not a pretty sight and resulted in property damage as well as the regretful loss of life.

Photo courtesy of  NYDailyNews.com

Photo courtesy of NYDailyNews.com

So value your life and value your S2000. Make sure your tires always have good tread. And if you have questions about tires, you know you can always ask [email protected] in our Slammed & Hellaflush Wheels and Tires subforum.

This one has probably been beaten to death on the forums, but in case you missed it, here is a link that will help you build your very own Apex Blue CR. We wish they had made it GPW, that way the GPW CRs wouldn’t be as much of a unicorn as they are now. In any case, Apex Blue Pearl is the fastest color, so click the link and start work on the project.



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