Video of the Week: SOME SAY…

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… that Barbados, an island in the Caribbean witha population of around 300,000, is an idyllic tourist paradise with cruise ships and vacationing golfers on splendid greens with calypso music in the air. Yet if you scratched the surface and looked around with a keen eye, you will find an undercurrent of grass roots motorsports enthusiasts among the locals as well as some cool UK-spec cars in clean shape.

The historic Bushy Park Circuit in Barbados was recently revamped to FIA specs and readied in order to play host to the Top Gear Festival of Speed. You’ve probably read all about it and also seen videos of Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block racing each other in their respective cars. A little known fact though was that the Silent Wonder, AKA His Royal Stigginess or The Stig, was on hand to give competition winners a ride of the circuit in some fast cars, one of which was a modified S2000. In the video below, you will see the Stig drive the S2000 (amongst other cars) while giving passengers a ride. Click through to see another video (somewhat raw) that shows the Stig driving the S2000 around the circuit.

That looked like a lot of fun and had us all wishing that we were riding along in the car with The Stig. Given that we weren’t, we are still glad to see The Stig put the S2000 through its paces, as we all should be (only on track).

Some say “nice Miata,” ignorant that it was born out of a moment of inspiration in the mind of Uehara-san, and that if the Miata were human, it would hit the bottle hard and become a card carrying member of Alcoholics Anonymous.  All we know is that fun begins at 6,000 RPMs and builds up from there.

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