Beyond Borders – 1st Annual Mt. Baker Meet and Cruise

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On May 31, the Vancouver (Canada) and Pacific Northwest (PNW/Seattle) S2KI Chapters had their 1st Annual Mt. Baker Run. Enjoy alSpeed2k’s recap of the event!


Image by revoluzion9k

The response was great, the people were friendly, the weather was perfect, and the DRIVE UP (and down) was AMAZING! We’re far from the Tail of the Dragon but, for us, Mt. Baker is probably the closest thing to it!

Image by Mr Apex

Image by Mr Apex

It all started with a PM from PNW member NeimanB87 to me with an invitation to attend a Tuesday night dinner meet. Being about two hours (and an international border) away didn’t make that feasible but we agreed that it would be awesome to get our groups together and thus our 1st Annual Mt. Baker Run was born! Neiman would corral the Seattle group and I would work on the Canucks. It took some effort and encouragement to set this one up as not everyone was really up to crossing an international border on a busy Saturday morning. As the day drew near with a forecast of 20°C (68°F) and sunshine, the mood went from apprehension to excitement and a few more drivers signed up!

Image by Mr Apex

Image by Mr Apex

In total, thirty-one S2000s made it out to Mt. Baker (and seven support vehicles) including fifteen from Canada. Three more cars came out for the Vancouver pre-meet and a fourth only made it part way to Mt. Baker then had to turn back because of prior obligations. We would’ve had one more car but Revoluzion9k decided to ride shotgun with me so he could take pictures (thanks dude, love the rolling shots!). Everyone I spoke to had a blast and would love to do this drive again!


Image by alSpeed2k

Here’s an open invitation for the PNW brothers and sisters to join us on a drive up to Whistler (keep an eye on your board, date TBD!).

Thanks Neiman, couldn’t have done this without you, bro (next time drive your S)!

Lots more pictures can be viewed here:
Pics/Media from Mt. Baker Cruise 05-31-2014
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~Alex (alSpeed2k)

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