The Epic S2000 East Coast Road Trip

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As some of us are tucking our beloved S2000s in for the winter, a few are being treated to new adventures.  Please enjoy this post by steguis (Steve) about his journey from New York with one of his two S2000s, Lupa.

I live and work in arguably the greatest city on earth, so what more could I want? What could I possibly be daydreaming about when I’m sitting in the office and looking out the window? Well, as a car guy, I often dream of being on the open road, with the top down, rowing through the gears, hearing the rumble of the engine, the grunt of the exhaust, feeling every part of the road through all my senses. When I realized I had some time off left to burn before the end of the year, it was clear I needed to check another item off the bucket list…a real road trip in an S2000. And so began my 3,100-mile adventure down as far south as I could go and then back up through the twisty gorgeous roads of the Shenandoah Valley before heading home. It was me and my S2000, enjoying every moment of Shigeru Uehara’s final masterpiece on the open road. While many of us baby our cars and take them out only for short but spirited drives, I hope that this will inspire some of you to go on your own adventure and fall in love with the S2000 all over again.

Read all the details here: steguis & Lupa’s East Coast Road Trip

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