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s2ki.com Honda S2000 roadster successor replacement news leak info

Our sister site, Honda-tech.com has received exclusive images of the 2019 Honda S2000.

It looks really slick, like the JDM S660, but a bit bigger. And it’s very possible that this may be the roadster to dethrone the Mazda “ND” Miata. However, reading what Honda-tech’s source has to say, it may not be all blue skies for the S2000 faithful.

“We called it an S2000 in the headline, but that’s a misnomer: it’s actually an S1500. We don’t know any details about the powertrain, but it is oddly coincidental that Honda now has a 1.5L turbocharged four cylinder engine in it’s line up. The center exit exhaust tail pipe does draw comparison to the upcoming Civic Si, which also uses the L15 turbo engine. Honda has previously hinted at a possible hybrid setup for it’s S2000 successor a la the Acura NSX.”

Kiss the memories of your F20C’s 9000RPM redline goodbye, this new Honda roadster is turbocharged. Even the name is changing, it will be called S1500 to reflect the powertrain choice. In fact, the S1500 may deviate further from the raw, naturally-aspirated engines that purists cling to. The aforementioned S660 resemblance seems a bit too uncanny. However, the S660 is min-engine, rear-wheel drive, which would make room for a mild hybrid setup to power the front wheels, like the NSX.

s2ki.com Honda S2000 roadster successor replacement news leak info

Now, before everyone sharpens their pitchforks and lights the torches, I would like to posit something: maybe it will be really good. Honda has been on something of a comeback for the past year or so. With the upcoming Civic Type R, the brand has really gotten it’s mojo back. We drove the Civic turbo and it’s fantastic.

Oh, and if this post seems timely, it is. Check the calendar.


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