Richard Hammond Reviews the Honda S2000

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Grand Tour star Richard Hammond extols the virtues of the S2K.

Before The Grand Tour, and even before the reboot of Top Gear, Richard Hammond presented on a series called Men and Motors. It was during this time that Honda released the S2000. Naturally, Hammond got behind the wheel to review the then-new Honda sports car. How about this for a Throwback Thursday?

Surprisingly, we (or at least, I) learn that the S2000 was priced quite high in the U.K. market, starting at ‎£28,000. In 1999 money, that put it right in contention with the BMW Z3 and Porsche Boxster. Of course, the S2000 had the pace to hang with those German sports cars, but perhaps it was a bit much to swallow for conventional consumers at the time. For our U.S. readers, a reminder that S2000’s had a sticker price of $34,995, it was never an inexpensive roadster.

Hammond points out hits and misses with the S2K, some fair, others a bit bizarre. The European-spec model had rather terrible looking headlight washers. The button for them is right where the driver’s elbow rests on the console. That’s just not very well thought out. Additionally, the styling of the S2000 is derisive to him, good looking, but not outstanding and perhaps too practical. On the upside, he finds the powertrain absolutely delightful. With a 9,000RPM red line and 240 horsepower, our reviewer seems enthralled with it’s performance relative to the competition.

Naturally, there is more to be said. However, this video is really a fantastic time capsule, being dated in the best way. Enjoy this Throwback Thursday back to a simpler time. Honda S2000 Richard Hammond Review Throwback Thursday

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